• Vins Rouges AOC fronton Domaine Saint-louis Fronton


    Blend of 100% Chardonnay, this wine reveals a perfect adequacy between varietal and terroir of Château Saint Louis.

    Harmony of this wine is made of a balance between a nice and very expressive nose and a round pleasant mouth. Pressing with a horizontal wine-press, clarification made after 24h.

    Maturing on fine lees during 10 days. Low temperature vinification during three weeks to six weeks, according to natural conditions.

    Malolactic fermentation is achieved.

  • Vins Rouges AOC fronton Domaine Saint-louis Fronton


    This wine, surprising and endearing, is only made with Chardonnay (like the best Champagnes called « Blanc de Blanc ») according to the sparkling method of Champagne.

    So as to get a lower degree of alcohol, we harvest 15 days earlier than for our still chardonnay.

    The first fermentation occurs in tank at low temperature to keep all the aromas of Chardonnay.

    The 2nd fermentation takes place in the sealed bottles, as it is traditionally done in Champagne region. After a months-long maturation in cool cellars, riddling and disgorging are made and bottles are finally plugged.

  • Vins Rouges AOC fronton Domaine Saint-louis Fronton


    A blend of 50% Pinot Saint Georges, 25% de Cabernet Franc and 25% of Syrah.

    This wine is very aromatic thanks to the bleeding method which allows the wine to be more buttery, more fruity and less aggressive than the technique of pressing.

    With its bright and brilliant salmon robe, this wine is full of freshness and liveliness with a strawberry and raspberry nose.

  • Vins Rouges AOC fronton Domaine Saint-louis Fronton

    Late Harvest

    This exceptional vintage can only be produced when weather conditions (morning mist and afternoon sunshine) allow the development of « noble rot » on Chardonnay’s grapes, which gives a so distinctive taste. Hand-picked harvest is done as late as possible, around mid-october, so as to get an extreme ripeness of the grapes.

    After pressing, fermentation is made thanks to indigenous yeasts and it is followed by aging in oak barrels.