The vines of the domain are located on the ancient terraces of the Tarn. The soil is typical of the Frontonnais region; boulbène sandy, gravelly, clayey and slightly acidic.

The situationnear the river Tarn promotes a climate relatively temperate environment conducive to the development of vine.

There is no other solution.


The cultivation of avoans, faba beans and Lupin allows the natural contribution of nitrogen from the air to the soil, and prevents weeds from proliferating.

The weed on the vine row is removed mechanically, to never use chemical herbicides

The only fungicide treatment we allow ourselves is based on bordelaise mixture and natural sulfur flower at minimal doses. 

None of these products penetrate the vine and the resulting wine is free from any trace of chemicals.

In order to achieve complete ripeness of the grapes, thinning, leaf removal, de-budding and de-sucking are carried out every year on the vineyard.

These working methods lead us to produce better quality grapes.





The vines are managed totally with ecological processes in organic cultivation under the control of the official organization ECOCERT.


In application of the official European rules of organic agriculture, we develop biodiversity by optimizing natural biological balances within the totality of our vineyard.


In exclusivity on the department of Tarn et Garonne, Château Saint Louis chose in 1992, to plant 5 ha of Chardonnay. This great Burgundy grape has adapted formidably well to the soil and microclimate of the domain and produces a remarkable blanc tranquille and a crémant named Prêt en Bulles that amazes everyone.

A barrel cellar of 140 oak barrels completes the ageing of our wines.

Our red wines are aged in oak barrels for 12 months.

The Chardonnay from the domain is also partially aged in barrels.


The king grape of Fronton wines, but also of Domaine Saint Louis is Pinot Saint Georges or Négrette.

The blend of our wines is made with a large majority of Négrette (70% minimum), Cabernet Franc and a soupçon of Syrah.


Saint Louis wines are vinified, raised and bottled at the Château.

The vinification takes place in ancient enamelled and thermo regulated vats.

The thermoregulation allows us to vinify with temperatures as close as possible to the ideal to achieve better extraction of matter (color and tannins) and improve the aromatic expression of our wines.

No allergens are used in the winemaking process. Harvested grapes are not enriched with sugar or concentrated grape must. Ali MAHMOUDI’s approach to winemaking is as original as that of a painter in front of his canvas.