This cuvée is truly the Château Saint Louis “Tradition” cuvée, expressive, harmonious and gourmand. It is made from a blend of 70% Pinot Saint Georges (Négrette), 20% Cabernet Franc, 5% Gamay and 5% Syrah. The classic winemaking of this cuvée begins with long maceration with delestage. Each grape variety is vinified separately with selected yeast and temperature control. The sulfite added is exceedingly low, so that the total does not exceed 50 ppm. No other allergens are added, nor collage. The wine is aged for 40% in oak barrels and 60% in vats for 12 months.


30ha in Organic Agriculture Age of vines: 35 years, on average.


Boulbène and sandy loam on the surface and clay at depth.


65% Pinot Saint Georges (Négrette) 20% Syrah 10% Cabernet Franc 5% Gamay


Vinification is classic, with long maceration and two or three délestages. Before blending, 40 of the wine is aged in oak barrels and 60 in vats for 12 months. Bottling takes place at the Château.


Ruby color with hints of garnet The nose expresses red berries (strawberry, raspberry and cherry), small berries berries (redcurrant, cranberry) and floral notes of violet and liquorice. Lovely, round, gourmet palate, Velvety, silky character with well-melted tannins, the whole is convincing and provides pleasure.

Wine and food pairings

Aperitif, grilled meat (red and white), raclette or fondue, cheese / charcuterie platter


Gold Medal Feminalise 2021 competition
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