This cuvée epitomizes the prestigious Château Saint Louis “Tradition” cuvée with excellence, distinguished by its expressive character, impeccable harmony and exceptional gourmet dimension.

Naturellement Négrette

This exceptional wine, made with the utmost respect for the Fronton appellation, is composed exclusively from the region’s traditional grape variety, Négrette (or Pinot Saint Georges), offering a cuvée all of incomparable freshness and finesse.

La Tour Rouge

This elegant cuvée epitomizes the wines of IGP Comte Tolosan, with its amiable simplicity and unique character. The grapes used come from plots carefully selected for their well-drained soils, enabling us to produce wines that are both aromatic and lightly structured, for immediate pleasure.


This exceptional cuvée is a true treasure of the estate, crafted from a subtle blend of noble grape varieties. Pinot Saint Georges takes pride of place with 80%, accompanied by 15% Malbec and 5% Cabernet Franc, to offer a rich, complex aromatic palette. Harvesting is entirely manual, on the estate’s highest-quality plots, to preserve all the richness of the terroir and guarantee optimal grape quality. The result is a wine of great elegance, combining the finesse of Pinot Saint Georges, the power of Malbec and the subtlety of Cabernet Franc, to offer a unique tasting experience. A must-discover for all lovers of fine wines.

Esprit Gaulois

Made from two noble grape varieties, Pinot Saint Georges (Négrette) and Cabernet Franc, this wine offers a captivating aromatic palette and great complexity of taste. Black fruits (blackcurrant and blackberry) are enhanced by peony, on a lightly oaked background that perfectly underscores the framework of well-melted tannins. This is a wine that will leave its mark on your palate, offering you a unique tasting experience. An invitation to discover, for all lovers of fine, elegant wines.


The wine tastes of red fruits such as cherry, strawberry and cranberry, along with spices and a hint of smoke. Tasting it, you first feel a sensation of freshness, then on the palate, you appreciate its pleasant, supple texture, with notes of pepper and mellow tannins that enhance the fruity taste.


L’Esprit de Saint-Louis is a top-of-the-range wine, distinguished by its quality and flavor. This cuvée is carefully crafted from grapes grown on our oldest plots, to guarantee impeccable quality. Thanks to its solid structure and charming aromas, this wine is capable of delighting even the most demanding palates. Each sip offers a unique taste experience, allowing you to fully savor the richness of its terroir and exceptional grapes.